October 30, 2014

Is Your Passion For Your Business Actually Hurting Your Business?

business passion entrepreneurshipSuccessful entrepreneurship, we’re often told, is largely tied to having passion for what it is we’re creating and building.  And in the food business world that’s even more true – passion is oftentimes at the very heart of why you started this business of yours.  But is passion always a good thing?

Like most things, there’s a fine line between having enough passion to stay motivated even on the tough days and having too much passion so that it blinds you to issues in your business or flaws in your strategy.   Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You feel personally hurt when someone says they don’t like your product or offers suggestions on what you might want to do to improve your business?
  • You fail to market-test your idea because you can’t imagine that it won’t be liked by ‘everyone.’
  • You rush a new company or a new product to market without spending the time to develop a marketing strategy for it and simply believe that it’ll be successful (in part because it will be liked by ‘everyone’).
  • You can’t see any weaknesses in your business, aside from not having millions of dollars to spend.  Included in this is not seeing weaknesses in your business model, not being able to see where competitors are stronger or better positioned than you are, or not being able to identify weaknesses in yourself and your business and management style.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be letting your passion blind you and that could be impacting your business’ performance.   This is not to say that passion isn’t important – it’s about finding and maintaining that balance.   As with recipes where too much of any one ingredient can overwhelm the flavor, you don’t want to let too much passion overwhelm your business.

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