November 19, 2014

6 Tips For Smart Email Marketing Campaigns

getting a business email addressSimply sending out emails or e-newsletters, without any thought or strategy behind them is the quickest way to get yourself unsubscribed.  Since you’re competing with so many other commercial emails in consumers’ inboxes, you need to do what you can to make your email stand out.  Here are a few tips that will go a long way to ensuring that your emails get open up and read:

  1. Before you even start an email marketing campaign, ask yourself what you hope to achieve by it and what you hope your readers will achieve.  Simply sending out ‘Now On Sale’ emails won’t garner you very many followers for too long.  The rule of thumb is that you need to either be engaging, interesting, or informative in every correspondence you send out.  Better yet, try to be a combination of all three!
  2. Plan out in advance how often you’re going to send out your email marketing.  Are you going to reach out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly?  Any of those is a fine answer, but make sure you stick to it so that readers know to anticipate your emails and, by the same token, don’t get sick of you.
  3. Your Subject Line is the first thing readers skim through and if you want them to open your email then you need to make sure it’s going to catch their attention.  As tempting as it may be, subject lines that scream ‘Sale’ or ‘10% off’ can be quickly tuned out if that’s all you ever write about.  (Plus, those subject lines may get caught by spam filters and not let your messages through!).  Think about what it is your customers want to read about (or see pictures/video of) and draw them into your email or e-newsletter with a promise of that in your subject line.
  4. Use the Summary feature on your email marketing campaign.  These are the bullet points that usually appear before the main email itself that summarizes what readers can expect to find in your mailing.  Be sure to update this every time you send an email out as this gives readers a quick overview of what they can find in the email/newsletter and, hopefully, entices them to read more.  This is even more important given that more than 50% of consumers now read marketing emails/newsletters on their mobile devices and may even more quickly delete you if they don’t find the summary information interesting.
  5. Speaking of mobile devices, make sure that your email marketing is mobile compatible so that your readers can easily read your material regardless of whether they’re looking at it on their phone, their tablet, their laptop, or their desktop.
  6. What’s your call to action?  Hopefully you’ve tied your email marketing program to some goals you’d like to achieve and have a plan on how your email marketing will help you get there.  Be sure then to have a call of action when appropriate in your email marketing.  Do you want more people to visit your Etsy store or your own online store?  Then be sure to include a link to it in your email marketing.  In fact, take it a step further and make sure, for example, that when someone clicks on the link for your savory cheese crackers in your e-newsletter that you don’t just take them to your website homepage.  Take them to the exact information they were looking for – in this case your web page about your savory cheese crackers – to minimize the chances you’ll lose someone as they click around on your home page looking for the right information.   Alternatively, if you want to gain customer feedback via your email marketing then be sure to give customers an easy way to ‘click and respond’ whether that’s via a link that sends you an email, a survey you’ve integrated into the email, or a form they can fill out within the body of the email and submit.

There is, without a doubt, hundreds of other tips for strong email marketing campaigns.  Have you seen any (or currently use any) that you have found to be particularly impactful?

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