December 5, 2014

Hyperlapse From Instagram – A Cool New Small Business Tool

time-lapse appPart of your job as an entrepreneur is to tell your ‘story’ to your customers and your perspective customers.  These days more and more people want to have a relationship with their food and your job, as a food entrepreneur, is to tell the story of not only your products but also your company and how you’re different from competitors big and small.  You can tell that story in numerous ways, be it verbally in person, in video, in text, in photos, and now…

Instagram recently released a new app called Hyperlapse that you can use to create time-lapse videos with ease.   These files can then be added to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your own website, etc.  The app has it’s own stabilization feature which means you don’t even need to hold the camera steady and you’ll still get a great shot.  Here’s some examples I came up with just playing around with the tool for fun:

It’s Satsuma Season!

Aquarium Fishies On The Move

Off the top of my head I can think of numerous ways you could use this to help tell your story: showcase your workspace in action or your creation of a product, show that pile of dirty dishes getting cleaned up, show the visitors to your booth or store…how many ways can you think you might be able to use this?  I’d love to hear your ideas or see examples (either yours or from others you’ve come across).

Hyperlapse from Instagram can be downloaded via the iTunes store by clicking here.  (It’s Free!)

* This is not a paid or promoted post in any way.  Just a tool I thought you might find useful in your business.

** I have found that a small gorillapod tripod can be helpful if you’re trying take pictures/time-lapse by yourself especially when trying to shot something like yourself in action.

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