January 7, 2015

Do You Regram?

screen568x568Instagram has officially surpassed Twitter as having more monthly users with 300 million active users.  To give you an idea of how quickly the site is growing it’s worthwhile to mention that that’s an increase of 100 million users since March 2013!   I know that for some of you the idea of staying up to date on yet another social media channel, on top of everything else you have to do every day, is overwhelming.  But don’t dispare…read on for a (free) tip you can use to help you keep your company’s Instagram account up to date.

‘Regramming’ (not sure that’s yet a verb) is the act of sharing someone else’s Instagram photo on your Instagram thread.  The photo will be credited to the original Instagrammer so you’re not stealing someone else’s work, but instead it allows someone’s photo to gain even more viewers.

Why this is helpful to you as a business owner is that you can invite your customers to post pictures about their experiences with your products and then you can ‘regram’ them on your Instagram feed.  This makes your life easier because you don’t have to constantly worry about what to post on your Instagram account, but – even more importantly – it invites your customers to truly be part of your company.

One example, albeit not a food example, of a company doing this really well is actually @twispwa which is the Instagram account for a small town in North Central Washington up near the Canadian border.  Known as a cross country ski mecca, @twispwa ‘regrams’ photos of the area that are taken by other Instagrammers.  This helps showcase the beauty of the area and tell the story that this is a haven for active tourists.

So how do you regram?  First, you need to download a regram app for your phone (simple as searching ‘regram’) as you currently can’t regram from inside of Instagram.   Then invite your customers to use specific hashtags on their pictures.  This helps you find their pictures so that you can regram them later.

Speaking of which, if you’re on Instagram I’d invite you to add #smallfoodbiz to your photos.  Show us what you’re up to and showcase your small food entrepreneur life as we’ll be regramming throughout 2015.

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