January 22, 2015

Slamming Your Business Competitors Is Bad For Everyone’s Business

small business competitorsI get it – business is competitive and only the strong survive.  But that doesn’t mean you should publicly bash your competitors because at the end of the day that just reflects poorly back on you.I’m sure you’re sitting there shaking your head but in the last week, since the Fancy Food Show, I’ve talked to a few buyers to get their thoughts on the show and on upcoming food trends and more than one admitted to me that they were surprised by how many times they heard this in sales pitches.  Rather than simply focusing on what Company A does new, different, or in an interesting manner; buyers complained that these sales pitches had a nasty edge to them.

“We do XYZ, which you know that Company B doesn’t do.” 

“Our products may cost more but have you been inside Company B’s facility?  I wouldn’t feed their products to my dog.”

“Company B isn’t doing true (insert ethnicity) products like we are.”

Each of these buyers said that every time they heard comments like this it left them with a bad taste in their mouth which, as food entrepreneurs, is not something we want to do!  Spending the time to develop a sales and marketing pitch that you can share with customers and buyers that explains why your products are so good without tearing your competitors down will be much more impactful in the long run.

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