February 4, 2015

How To Get More Of Your Followers To See Your Facebook Business Posts (VIDEO)

If you have a Facebook business page you probably already know that when you post something to that page only a fraction of your total followers actually see your post.  That seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?  Especially since these are people who have proactively ‘liked’ your page and want to receive information and updates from you.   So how can you get more followers to see what you’re posting?

You can always ‘Boost’ your post which means you pay for Facebook to present it to more of your followers.  But few small businesses have a budget that allow them to Boost every post they make.  The good news is that there is another way – and it’s free!   Check out this quick 2 minute Food Biz Bite video that’ll show you what you need to do.  And, I might add, if you find our Facebook posts helpful to you then I’d ask that you also add us to your notification list as described in this video!

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