February 6, 2015

Reset Days

CalendarSadly, no matter how much we plan and work and hope, there are times when things simply don’t go our way.  Our schedules get out of waco and our plans get throw into flux.  In the past, I used to fret about everything that was going wrong and try to force things back into alignment but to add that on top of a never-ending to-do list just seemed impossible so that slowly, over time, I felt like I was working to keep my head above water rather than working to grow my business.

Then one day, after a week or more of trying to force things back, I decided I needed a ‘Reset’ Day.  As much as that may sound like a spa day (and as much as I wish it was), in truth, a Reset Day is one where I clear my calendar and put aside the the worries of ‘tomorrow’ to get caught up on what’s needed today.  That may mean emails that have gone unanswered, that may be getting production back in line with where I expect it to be, or taking the time to work on projects that I’d been planning to complete weeks ago (or, oftentimes, getting my accounting books back in shape and up to date!).

Pausing for one day may seem like it would just put me further behind but by taking the time to reset I get caught up on almost everything that needs to do.  That means when I come in tomorrow I have a much smaller to-do list and feel less anxiety that there are items that have been uncompleted for days or weeks.  Then I strategically plan to use an hour here and an hour there over the next week so get 100% caught up so that within a week of my original Reset Day I’m back above water and no longer frantically trying to stay afloat.

The beauty of the Reset Day, to me, is that not only does it help you get caught up, but it eases that growing feeling of panic that things are slowly sliding out of control and there’s nothing you can do to stem to the tide.  As you feel more and more out of control it tends to be that you work more inefficiently so that no matter how long or hard you work you always feel behind.  By focusing on resetting, and taking the time to do it, you give yourself  the breathing space to get caught up and that, in turn, makes you more efficient and thus you stay ahead of the work tidal flow for much longer periods of time.

Listen, part of being an entrepreneur is trying to do it all with little to no help while you get your business up and running.  That just goes along with the territory.  But when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate and everything you haven’t yet accomplished, take the time to reset and get caught up.  It’s not only good for business but also for your entrepreneurial soul!

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