February 19, 2015

5 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Website Isn’t Making You Money

Buy_NowYou’ve got a great product and you’ve put a site up online.  But why aren’t the sales rolling in like you expected?  See if any of the following 5 reasons sound familiar to you.

1. You put a barebones site together.  I get it, it can be expensive to start a business and when you’re faced with 1000 different costs every day, you have to make hard decisions about what you will and what you won’t spend money on.  But if you’re hoping to drive significant revenue through your site then your site has to look – and act – the part.  You don’t have to spend millions of dollars, but it may be necessary to budget a few hundred (if you work through a website development site) or a few thousand (if you work with a  graphic designer and web developer) to create a website that is capable of capturing orders, processing credit cards, and streamlining shipping.  All while projecting an image that is inline with your branding.

2. Your product photos look like someone took the pictures with an iPhone…because you did.  You’ve heard me say it before but it bears repeating.  People eat with their eyes first and if the first interaction they have with your product is via your website’s pictures then you need to ensure that those pictures are doing your product and your packaging justice.  A poorly lit photograph can make the most appetizing of products looks subpar.  If you’re serious about driving online sales, this may be yet another area you need to dedicate some real skill and/or cash to in order to get the photos that make people drool.  Click here for more information about product photography.  

3. Your website isn’t user-friendly.  If your website isn’t easy to use you will lose customers faster than you think.  The internet has trained consumers to have the attention span of a gnat and if your checkout process drags on people will go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.  Rather than rehash all the things your e-commerce site should or shouldn’t be doing, check out this article that highlights the top 10 things you can do to make your website attractive to consumers.

4. Your shipping costs are unreasonable.  This was one of the top 10 things mentioned in the previous article but it’s worth bringing up again because nothing will turn customers off quicker than high shipping costs.  Now, for some of you, it may be necessary to have high shipping costs because your product is perishable.  In that case, try your best to clearly and concisely explain to consumers why the shipping costs are what they are in order to protect the food’s quality.

5. You simply don’t have web traffic.  This happens more often than you know.  Entrepreneurs put up a website and expect the web traffic, and as such – the web orders, will simply flow from there.  Unfortunately, your site is just one of millions on the internet.  You need to put some thought into how your website will be found by customers.  Spend the time to develop a marketing plan and, if needed, a marketing budget to help you enact that plan.

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