February 23, 2015

You Asked For It – How I Made That Valentine Video

Just before Valentine’s Day I posted a portion of this video to Instagram

Not long after I posted that, I got a few questions from some entrepreneurs asking how I’d made it.  One person lamented the fact that she simply doesn’t have the budget to make and share videos.   Since my video budget is probably on par with yours, I thought I’d share the set up I used to make the video:

1. iPhone 5s…I can’t really count the cost of that as I use the phone for so many other business and personal things

2. Instagram Account: Free

3. Hyperlapse Account: Free

Hyperlapse is what helped me make the fast action video.  Click here to read more about Hyperlapse

4. Joby GorillaPod with phone attachment: $21.99 from Amazon

joby gorilla pod

To shoot the video, all I used was my home kitchen. To make matters worse, I actually shot it at night so the only light is from the overhead lights in my kitchen – not the type of lighting most professionals would recommend!

In order to get the overhead shot I actually strapped the GorillaPod to the knob on the door to my kitchen shelves and put my phone into that.  Then I laid out my decorating supplies and hit play on Hyperlapse.  To be honest, I had no idea how it would turn out but that’s the beauty of doing some of these things – because the cost and time investment were so minimal it wouldn’t have hurt anything if this hadn’t panned out.

Once the video was done I saved a copy of the full-length version to my phone’s photo files and uploaded the shortened version to Instagram (which Hyperlapse does for you with the click of a button).

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