February 25, 2015

3 Tips For How To Show Your Brand Story On Instagram

instragram for businessHere’s an interesting tidbit for you – did you know that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text?  We’ve talked in the past about telling your company’s story but what about how to show it visually?

That’s where Instagram can come in.  If you’re going after the Gen X or Millennials (18-44 year olds), you might want to play closer attention to Instragram because even though most of those folks have a Facebook account, there are many experts who argue that this age group actually spends more time on Instagram than on other social media channels.   So, in a medium that is 100% visually driven, how do you go about telling your company’s story?

First and foremost, when it comes to Instagram, don’t be afraid to be ‘real’ – One of the best things about Instagram is that people want to see real pictures.  There’s a movement away from glossy, professionally photographed shoots – especially on social media – and that’s an asset to all of us small business owners who don’t have a professional photography budget.  So don’t worry that you don’t have the right equipment, it really doesn’t take more than a phone and a free Instagram account to get started (check out this article from earlier in the week where I talked about some of the equipment you might need).  Best of all, everyone loves photos of food!

Here’s some ideas on how you can show your company’s story on Instagram:

    1. Product shots.  It sounds simple but think about the many different ways you can show your product – packaged, on a plate, being eaten, maybe even nothing more than empty ‘already enjoyed’ packaging.
    2. Let your viewers behind the scenes.  Show then what’s going on in your kitchen and/or office.  Introduce them to people you may have on staff (assuming those folks are comfortable with their images being shared on social media).  Be sure to include a little text that lets viewers feel as though they’re walking the entrepreneurial journey as well.
    3. Show your process.  How is your product made?  Post pictures from time to time of different steps in your process.  This is a great way to highlight the quality of your ingredients and/or the hand-craftedness of your products.

Remember, single images are great but think about mixing it up and including video from time to time.  Just remember that on Instagram you’re limited to 15-seconds of video so make sure you tell/show what you want in that timeframe!

As a reminder, if you’re posting on Instagram be sure to add the hashtag #smallfoodbiz as we’re regramming interesting images and videos (for more on regramming, check out the third link below).

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