March 4, 2015

How To Save Informative Facebook Posts In 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and seen a link or video that you either wanted to read later or it was so good you wanted to make sure you didn’t forget it?  But then, when you went back to Facebook later, thanks to Facebook’s algorithms, you can no longer find that post that caught you attention in the first place?  Well, there’s actually a way to save those posts so you can find them later.  This is really useful if, for example, you see something posted by yours truly and want to make sure you can access it later when you have more time.

Here’s how you save and ‘bookmark’ Facebook Posts:

Just a note, you can only save those posts that either contain a video or that link out to an external site.  Unfortunately, as of right now, you can’t save general posts you see on Facebook.

Step 1: 


You see a post with a video or link that you want to save so that you can access it again later.

Step 2:


Click on the down arrow on the upper right side of the post and scroll down to ‘Save this link.’

Step 3: 

The post will then be automatically saved in your ‘Saved’ file which is in your Facebook Feed sidebar.

That’s it!  Pretty simple!  And now you have no reason not to stay up to date on all the Small Food Business Facebook news.  😉

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