March 19, 2015

Spring Food Business Webinar Schedule

As it’s officially the first day of Spring, it seems like the perfect time to announce our new Spring webinar schedule.  As always, these webinars do have a capacity limit and they regularly fill up so if one of these looks interesting I’d recommend you sign up ASAP.  Also, don’t worry if the day/time doesn’t work for you as all webinars are recorded with a  copy of the recording sent out following the webinar.

Developing Your Brand Identity
Your brand is the cornerstone of what people think and know about your products and your company.  But how do you develop a brand identity and how do you keep it consistent through all aspects of your business?  Join us for this webinar to find out more.
When: Friday April 3, 3-3:45p PST
Cost: Free
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Marketing Research On A Budget

Part of why Big Food is able to get and keep customers is because they spend millions on market research to ensure they understand their consumers.  In this webinar, we’ll look at some of the tricks of the trade you can use to learn more about your target market all while operating on your small food budget.
When: Monday May 11, 3-3:45p PST
Cost: Free
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Exit Strategy – Selling Your Business

Whether you’ve always planned that one day you’d sell your business or you’re just starting to consider it as an option, this webinar will talk about some of the things you need to know – and some of the things you need to do – to prepare for a success sale.
When: Friday June 12, 2-2:45p PST
Cost: Free
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