March 25, 2015

Business of Artisan Food Online Course

artisan food online course, artisan food online coursePortland State University’s new online Business of Artisan Food course starts April 20th.  This is a comprehensive 15-week online certificate course that will cover, in-depth, all aspects of starting and growing a food business.  

Taught by yours truly with guest speakers and experts from time to time, the course is broken up into four 3-4 week sessions covering topics such as business licensing, health code requirements, food business finance, marketing strategies, sales, and distribution.   These four sessions can be taken together for the full 15-week program or taken individually if certain areas are of more interest to you and where your business currently is.

Course sessions include readings and pre-recorded videos as well as one live webinar weekly (Wednesday nights PST, these will be recorded) and one-on-one phone or Skype meetings.

For more information about this course please visit Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education or contact me at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com.

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