April 15, 2015

Pinterest User Demographics Crosses Age Barriers

pinterest for small businessSocial media tends to be a younger person’s game but Pinterest audience demographics finds that it’s one site that manages to attract Millennials, Baby Boomers, and everyone in between.  As we continue to look at Pinterest as a marketing tool this week, today we’ll dive a little deeper into who’s actually using Pinterest.

28% of adults who use the internet are active on Pinterest.  This is on-par with Instagram users and beats out the number of people who actively use Twitter (which, according to a report from Pew Research Center was 23% of adult internet users).   Perhaps not surprising because of the site’s heavy usage for ‘visual daydreaming’ about upcoming weddings/parties, pinning recipes, and dream homes, the site audience is still very female-centric with 42% of all women internet users being active on Pinterest compared to just 13% of male internet users.

What’s most interesting about Pinterest though is how it cuts through the age barriers.  Whereas other social media tools tend to screw more heavily towards one age demographic or another, Pinterest is saw growth in 2014 in millennials using the site and those 50+.

pinterest audience

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