April 27, 2015

Facebook Ads Now Offers ‘Call To Action’

Call to action is one of those phrases that marketers love.  It means that the ad, be it online or in person, provides customers with something tangible they can do while the ad is still fresh in their mind.  For example, if you’re interested in XYZ product you see on tv – well, here’s a number to call right now.  If you see a print ad for an outdoor patio set that catches your eye – here’s the company’s website you can visit right now.  And for online advertising, that usually means a link that customers can click on to go right to the page they’re interested in.

For a long time, if you advertised on Facebook, you could only ask customers to click on a link and hope it worked.  Pretty basic.  But they’ve upped the options now for Business Page accounts with some buttons that can help more clearly outline for consumers what action they can take immediately.   Here’s more about this new feature for Facebook ads:

1. To set up a new Facebook ad, go to the Promote link on the right-hand side of your Facebook Business page

Facebook Advertising

2. You’ll be given the choice to create an ad that will either promote your Facebook page or your website

facebook buttons

3. After you make your choice, you’ll be asked to fill in information about what you want your ad to say.  This is where you can choose your Call To Action.   What happens when you choose one of the Call To Action buttons is that it creates a button on your ad that encourages people to click on it.  Depending on your advertising goals, you can encourage people to Shop your store, Book appointments, Learn more about a product or service you’re offering, Sign up (ideal for newsletters and other e-marketing), or Download something you’re offering.

call to action Facebook


4. The last step is that you’ll need to set the parameters for you ad including the demographics you’d like to target, keywords that are important to you, and the budget you’re committing to this marketing endeavor.

Facebook call to action buttons


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