May 1, 2015

Sometimes ‘No’ Just Means ‘Not Now’

noI’ve said it before, but you guys really are my inspiration and the source of my greatest learning.  I love sharing your thoughts and insights with all of us so that we can all work to grow stronger small businesses.  And today’s article, like many others, comes from a conversation I had with one of you about the ups and downs of making sales calls.

We’ve all been there – whether you’re talking to a potential customer at a farmers’ market, talking to a buyer at a trade show, or talking with a buyer for a store you’d really like to get into – you’ve delivered your pitch and shown off your best products and then, after waiting a beat, they say ‘thanks, but no thanks.’

It is, without  a doubt, disheartening when this happens and it can be easy to lose faith when you start to hear this over and over again.  But this one entrepreneur said it so elegantly, “sometimes ‘no’ just means ‘not now.'”

YES!!  That’s so true.  Sometimes what you’re offering to this buyer or customer is simply something they’re not ready for.  Perhaps your products are too innovative or too out of the box for them.  Perhaps they’re not yet used to paying ‘small food’ prices because they mainly purchase ‘big food.’   Perhaps they don’t yet care about the quality or handcrafted aspects of your products or the health benefits (if there are any).

Just because they’re not ready today shouldn’t be a reflection on your company.  Instead, remind yourself that you can always approach them again when they are ready and, in the meantime, you focus on those who are ready for what you have to offer.

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