May 6, 2015

Learn from 30+ Food Business Experts In The Tasty Life Online Summit

The Tasty Life Summit is an online, multi-day event that will feature interviews with more than 30 food experts who all have a passion and focus for healthy food.  The list of interviewees includes star chefs, cooking teachers, health coaches, restaurant owners, cookbook authors, marketing experts, and more.  All of these experts want to help you discover all the opportunities in the food industry.  

As one of those interviewed for this series, I’m excited about this ‘coming together of the minds’ so that you, as a food business owner or aspiring food business owner, can learn about ways to grow your business and possibly even new revenue streams that may be available to you.

Best of all, the summit is free!

Each interview in this series, which starts on May 11th,  will be available online for a limited amount of time so click here to register now and learn more about the event.

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