June 5, 2015

Entrepreneurial Advice From Steve Jobs

Image_SpicesIt’s that time of year again when eager graduates are heading off to the ‘next’ in their lives – be it more education or into the workforce – with anticipation about what life will bring them.  And, as such, it’s also commencement speech time when wise people share wise words.   One of my all time favorite commencement speeches, which I’ve talked about before in fact, was Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005.  Much, if not all, of what he talked about is relevant to us as entrepreneurs especially as we face the ups and the downs of business ownership.

If you haven’t heard it before – or even if you have, it’s worth the refresher – take a few moments to click on this video.  You don’t even need to watch it per say, simply listen to the words and think about how they apply to your entrepreneurial journey.