July 2, 2015

Throw Your Heart Over The Fence

I’ve mentioned before that I ride horses.  Not necessarily well – I picked the sport back up again as an adult which basically means I watch 8-year-olds vault around me while I practice trotting and contemplate how much it’s going to hurt  when if I fall.  Which is exactly why my riding instructor yells at me to ‘throw your heart over the fence.’

The saying turns out to be perfect for entrepreneurs as well.   As it was explained to me, the saying, which in full goes as follows:

taking a risk on entrepreneurship

The idea is that if you focus and commit to the jump so too will your horse. Whereas if you hem and haw, not confident about your skills or ability, your horse will sense that and either stumble or balk.

So how does this translate into entrepreneurship?  How many times have you let a lack of confidence stand between you and your dream?  How many times have you let a lack of believing in yourself come through as you talked with customers or buyers?  Do you think they can’t sense that?  If you don’t believe in your products, how can you expect anyone else too?

As an entrepreneur, there are always going to be times when what we’re doing or working on makes us nervous.  But when that time comes, trust in your training (aka – your research, insights into the market, experience), and throw your heart over that fence.

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