August 19, 2015

Fall Online Classes – Food Sales & Marketing

artisan food business courseStarting in September, I will be teaching two online courses through Portland State University geared specifically to food entrepreneurs.  No matter if you’re still dreaming about starting up your business or if you’re already in the day-to-day ups and downs of food business ownership, these courses are designed to give you practical knowledge and advice.

These courses are completely online with one weekly ‘live’ teaching session each Wednesday at 6:15p PST along with additional readings, videos, and homework assignments each week.

Food Sales & Distribution: September 14 – October 4

The Sales and Distribution course focuses on the sales and distribution options that are available for food businesses and the specific considerations that should be taken into account as food entrepreneurs look to increase their sales. This course is ideal for anyone who is curious about food business distribution strategies from direct-to-consumer options to selling wholesale through multiple channels.  Covered material includes: local sales, the role of brokers & distributors, supporting your retail accounts, and how to best utilize trade shows to grow your wholesale business.

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Marketing Strategy For Food Businesses: October 19 – November 15

No matter how great your product is or what sales channels you rely on, marketing is how you let potential customers know you exist. Marketing is essential in building an ongoing relationship with your customer, which makes it an integral ingredient in successful food entrepreneurship. During this four-week course, you will gain an understanding of a variety of marketing channels available and develop a strategic and actionable marketing plan for your business – which includes a realistic marketing budget. We will cover the four P’s of marketing, how to build a brand, website strategy,  inbound and outbound marketing channels, and how to measure your marketing efforts for return-on-investment.

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2 comments on “Fall Online Classes – Food Sales & Marketing

  • Ross Levy on said:

    Hi! My wife and I are planning on starting our Food Biz with-in the next few months. To prepare we have all of your books, and just saw the classes offered on your web site. My question : Since we have the books, should we still take the classes? Would that be over-kill of Info? Or are there things we can learn from the course as well?

    Thank you!

    Ross & Kelly Levy

    • Jennifer on said:

      Ross & Kelly,
      The course does build on the books and we tend to go into a lot more detail about subjects. Also, there is the opportunity to ask questions, we have live webinars where we bring in experts, one on one ‘sessions’ with me to answer any specific questions you may have and to try and get you moving in the right direction. The course also has weekly homework assignments that many students find helpful in motivating them to really think about and complete, for example, their marketing plans, etc. That being said, the courses are more expensive than the books so you obviously need to weigh out that piece as well to determine what might be right for you and your business. Thanks for asking though and best of luck whatever you decide! ~ Jennifer