September 3, 2015

2 Ways To Use Customers Decision-Making Process In Your Marketing

branding marketingYesterday we talked about understanding the steps consumers go through as they make buying decisions.  While interesting on its own, the real value of understanding those steps is how you can use that knowledge in your marketing.

First and foremost, you have to understand that not all of your customers are at the same stage in their decision-making.  This is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to marketing.  By not taking into account where your customers may be – and the fact that they may be at different facets within that process – any marketing you’re doing is only resonating with a subsegment of customers.

For example, if all you write about on social media is that you are offering BOGO (buy one, get one), that doesn’t provide enough insight and information to someone who may be in the education phase of decision-making.  Similarly, someone who hasn’t even heard of you certainly isn’t following your social media page and is missing the message entirely.

So here are two ways you can use customer decision-making to your advantage in your company’s marketing:

1. Mix Up The Message: By keeping in mind that you have customers throughout the decision-making spectrum, you should strive to create targeted content for all of them.  This may be through a mix of Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) with keywords relevant to your business (to build awareness with those who may not know about you yet), videos that show some behind-the-scenes of how your product is produced (for the education folks), to that BOGO I mentioned which may incentivize first time or repeat purchases.

2. Equally as important as mixing up the message is mixing up how and where it’s delivered.  If all of the above examples go onto Facebook on the same day, you’re not only going to inundate your followers, but you are likely also going to irritate them.  Not to mention what this seemingly sporadic messaging would say about your brand.   Better to deliver those targeted messages on channels appropriate for the customers based on where they are in their decision-making.

Once again, for example, you may want to do PPC on Facebook and Google Ads to drive awareness as customers do searches for products and/or companies like yours.  You may want to post your videos on YouTube and cross-post them on your blog. You could even bring an iPad to the farmer’s market and show the videos there to help educate consumers as you talk to them.  Lastly, that BOGO special – include that in your e-newsletter for your subscribers.

There’s a million different ways you can slice this onion but at its most basic, you need to develop messaging and content that targets your customers before they are even your customers and you need to make sure you’re delivering it in such a way that they will actually see it.

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