October 8, 2015

Keeping Your (Brand) Promises

branding marketingYour brand is not your logo, not your tagline, not your website.  Essentially, your brand is the promise that you make to consumers about what they can expect from your company.  

Don’t know what your brand promise is?  Well, then neither do your customers and, as such, they may not be as loyal to you as you’d like.

To create your brand promise, you first need to do your homework with regards to understanding who your target audience is and understanding who your competitors are (both of which we’ve talked about extensively in the past – use the search feature to find a bunch of articles about these above topics).   If you understand not just what your customers want from a product standpoint (i.e. – they need jam for their sandwiches) but also understand the emotions behind their purchasing decisions (i.e. – they want to feel healthy) then you can better understand how your products and company meets their needs.   From there you can determine what promises your brand can make – and fulfill – which will enhance how consumers view your brand.  When viewed positively, that’s when you start building customer loyalty.

Some examples of well-known brand promises:

  • “Think Different” – Apple (this speaks both to how the company chooses to operate in terms of innovation but also represents how their target consumers think of themselves
  • “Nationwide Is On Your Side” – Nationwide Insurance (a powerful message for a company who deals with folks when they are at their lowest following loss, disaster, etc.)
  • “Environmentally Responsible Adventure” – Patagonia (in line with how their adventurous and eco-friendly consumers feel)

Before we go, let’s remember one key aspect of promises.  A promise is easy to make but if it isn’t kept then, as in any relationship, your customers will lose trust in your company and your products.  So make sure that every aspect of your business stays true – at all times – to your brand promise.

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