October 19, 2015

Handmade At Amazon Has Launched – So Far No Food Producers Though

handmade products amazonEarlier this month Amazon officially launched Handmade At Amazon.   There has been talk about this all Summer (Small Food Business wrote about it here back in May).  Termed by some as a potential ‘Etsy-killer,’ this new platform in Amazon is open exclusively to artisans who produce items that are not made in a factory.

The site launched with approximately 5000 vendors handpicked by Amazon’s staff and  80,000 products ranging from kitchen towels to jewelry to furniture .  Notably, food is not currently offered on the site and it’s unclear if food products – even those made in a licensed kitchen  – will ever be allowed.  One issue that food artisans have run into on Etsy is unlicensed food producers being able to offer their products at substantially lower costs.   Whether Amazon will ultimately allow food vendors and, if so, if there will be procedures in place to ensure that all food is produced in compliance with regulations, remains to be seen.

For the vendors currently on Handmade at Amazon, the potential for increased product views, increased sales, and ease of customer purchasing is huge.  Amazon has, as reported earlier, almost 300 million active accounts.  Vendors who would like to be considered can learn more by clicking here.

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