October 21, 2015

Creating The (Business) Life You Want

cupcakesToday is a milestone birthday for me.  I jokingly will say that I wish that milestone were ’21’ but the reality is that it’s been all the ups and downs to get here from 21 that have helped me craft a life and a business that fills my soul on a daily business.   That doesn’t mean though, that things can’t be improved upon.

In honor of this birthday, I sat down yesterday and read through the Vision Plan I wrote 5 years ago.  It outlined where I wanted to be, both in life and in business, as I turned the corner on this big birthday.   Interestingly, it was eerily inline with where both I and the Small Food Business company are today.   However, as I read it, I realized that a lot had happened in the last five years that had shifted my focus and attention.  And that the time has come to create a new Vision Plan for the next 5 years.

I’ve talked about Vision Plans on this site before (see the Related Articles below for links to some of those previous articles) and never hesitate to mention that they are on the ‘softer’ side of business planning.  By that I mean, your Vision Plan isn’t something that you’ll include into presentations with investors or even necessarily share with customers.  Instead, it is an intensely personal process through which you determine what you want your business life to look like in the future.  For those of you who are creating a business that you hope will complement the rest of your life as well, I’d encourage you to then also outline what you’d like the rest of your life to look like as well.  While by no means the only way to do it, for me I’ve found the best way to create my Vision Plan is to walk through one workday – from waking to bedtime – and write about all aspects of what I want that day to look like and how I will feel throughout the day.

The act of creating a Vision Plan, be it a written document or pictures pasted onto foam board, is to help clarify for you what makes you happy and help you focus on what you may need to do to bring yourself closer to that future life.   Which is why my birthday gift to myself today is to carve out a little quiet time and really focus on where I want my life and my business to be in another 5 years.

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7 comments on “Creating The (Business) Life You Want

  • Dawn anderson on said:

    I hopeyou have a wonderful birthday today Jennifer. Thank you for the great article and I will try to do a five-year vision plan too. Thanks again for another great post

  • Dawn anderson on said:

    http://www.Paleomealstogo.com. I hope you have a really wonderful birthday today Jennifer. Thank you for sharing the great post about writing vision plans. I’m very happy that you’re five years of hard work has been in alignment with your vision written previously. Best wishes for much happiness and success in your next five years. Thanks again, Dawn Anderson

  • Thembi on said:

    Happy Birthday Jennifer. I wrote one a few years ago and am slowly working towards my goals. I can’t wait to see what life is like at the end of the 5 years to see how close I got. But congrats for having the courage to live the life you want! Here’s to many more.

    • Jennifer on said:

      Congrats to you too for taking the time to write your vision plan and start working towards it. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes too!

    • Jennifer on said:

      Thank you for the warm birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day so it was a great start into the next ‘decade’. 🙂