October 27, 2015

How ‘Active’ Are Social Media Users These Days?

Social-Networking-WebsitesHas anyone else noticed that their personal Facebook feed isn’t as chock-o-block full of status updates as it once was?  Or do you find yourself  checking in on the site but not really updating your status as much as you used to?  Turns out, it’s not an anomaly.  More and more social media users, it turns out, are tuning out social media.

According to a report in VentureBeat, more than a quarter of all Facebook users say that they check in to see what their friends are doing but don’t contribute to the site at all.  These people still technically fall under Facebook’s ‘active user’ definition, and thus Facebook can continue to claim year over year increases in user numbers.  But for entrepreneurs who use Facebook and other social media tools, this is a big wake-up and begs the question, how successful can your social media marketing be if your potential consumers are no longer glued to the sites?

Lest you think this is just a Facebook problem, Twitter’s user growth has slowed in comparison to other social media sites and recently found themselves surpassed by Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+.   Business Insider reports that active users on Twitter has dropped 11% in the last year.

This is by no means a declaration that social media is dead but it may very well be that consumers are beginning to tire of the ever-present, in-your-face aspect of social media and, by extension, social media marketing.   As a big believer in proactive entrepreneurship, as opposed to simply being reactive to events, this seems like a great time for business owners to begin crafting a plan for how they will market to their consumers in ways that do not solely rely on social media channels.

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