November 25, 2015

Don’t Just Give Thanks – Say Thanks

thanksEvery year at this time I write about being thankful for what we have and what we’ve been given.  The truth is that none of us could have gotten to where we are without having had help in some form or another along the way.

Sadly, I’ve been hearing from more and more entrepreneurs lately who say that they’ve been donating their time to help and mentor other up and coming food entrepreneurs but a crucial component is missing in that relationship….”they never say thanks,” one business owner told me after having given a fair amount of his time to help someone else who was struggling in their business.

I’m sure that I’ve been guilty of this before too.  Life and work get so busy that sometimes it’s easy to forget to say thank you.  But for the person who has carved time out of their day and out of their life to try and help you free of charge, that thank you means the world to them.

So I want to remind you that when you find yourself in the position of being mentored or helped by another entrepreneur, please remember to say thanks.  It’s a small thing to ask but it’s an important thing to do.

And let me add to this my thanks to each of you.  I know that you have hundreds of things pulling at your attention every day so the fact that you take time to visit this site and also that you get in touch with me to share your ideas, concerns, and questions is really important to me.  To know that this site is, ultimately, being driven by your needs and desires because you’ve taken the time to share those with me is incredible and is what my goal for this site has always been.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.

For those in the US – Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  May your table be graced with delicious food, wonderful family/friends, and the making of memories.

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