January 8, 2016

Getting Caught Up At The End Of This First Week

small business processesWe made it – the first week of 2016 is officially on its way to being in the books.  Congrats!  Since we made a bunch of changes to this site right before the new year, I wanted to take a minute and just outline a few of the changes for you:

  • You now have the option to log-in when making a purchase/downloading an item from this site. The benefit of logging in is that if you ever need to re-download that item again, all you have to do is log-in and it will be there waiting for you.
  • As always, unless you specifically request to be added to the Small Food Business e-newsletter, we will not automatically add you.  Your privacy is important to you so it’s important to us!
  • There’s so much happening in the food world these days that it’s impossible to get it all onto this site or in the e-newsletter.  For that reason, this year we’ll be making a concerted effort to post the big ideas/stories/articles on the site and in the e-newsletter but use Facebook and Twitter to keep you up-to-date on some of the other articles and topics that are being talked about in the food industry.  I hope you’ll join us there too if this is important to you.  (As a reminder, you can make sure that you see all of Small Food Business’ Facebook posts by enabling your notifications – click here to learn more if you don’t know about that option)
  • Lastly, thanks to everyone who completed the reader survey.  Your feedback has been really helpful as we plan for 2016.  As I’ve said before, the entire goal of this site is to be the best resource for you and your business and your feedback is critical in making that happen.  If you’d like to add your 2 cents to the survey, you can do so by clicking here.

As always, thank you,

~ Jennifer

PS – next week is a big week on the site with the first podcast of the new Small Food Business podcast series launching on Monday and then the 2016 Plate of the Union report publishing on Tuesday.  I look forward to hearing what you think of both of them!