February 12, 2016

The #1 Way To Get People Talking About Your Business

branding marketingYou want people to hear and know about your business but you don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing and advertising.  Sound familiar?  What if I told you that the most trusted way to spread the word about your business is also the cheapest way?

You may have already guessed that I’m talking about word of mouth marketing.  According to a report by Neilson, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family above all other types of marketing and advertising.   But the question I hear over and over again is how do you actually get people to talk about your product?

The first rule is that you have to give them something to talk about.  It sounds simple but yet it’s a step many entrepreneurs skip.  No one is going to talk about how great your product or company is unless it really stands out in some way.  This could be because it’s flavor/decorations/packaging is unlike anything else on the market, because of the business practices that you employ, your customer service, or a myriad of other touch points consumers have with your business.

No one is going to waste time talking – be it in person or via social media channels – about a product or company that met their expectations and didn’t do anything to surprise, delight, or impress them in some way or another.  So if you want people to start talking about your business and sharing recommendations with their friends and family, then think about how you can give them a reason to talk.  Give them something that someone else doesn’t do or have and deliver on it better than anticipated.  And then, while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to ask them to help you spread the word.  If you invite your customers to join on your entrepreneurial journey, if they like what they’re getting from you they will usually be happy to recommend you to others.

Since we’re talking about word of mouth marketing, let me use this chance to invite you to help me grow the Small Food Business community by sharing this website with anyone you know who is either dreaming about starting a small food business or could use a little extra help growing their existing food business.  I hope that you like what you read (and hear – via the podcasts!) here and feel comfortable recommending it to your friends and family as a valuable resource.

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