March 28, 2016

Who’s Got Your Back?

helping other entrepreneursI’m not the first to compare entrepreneurship to a roller coaster.  There are times when you’re flying high and feel as though you’re on the top of the world, only to find yourself in the next minute crashing back to earth.  What makes food entrepreneurship even more of a roller coaster is that it’s a meld between being highly creative and also needing to be highly analytical and ‘businesslike’ at the same time.  That’s a tough tightrope to walk day in and day out.

So it’s not surprising if at some point or another – or, more rightly – at some pointS or others, you find yourself questioning why you’re doing what you’re doing and whether all the hard work you’re pouring into this business is well-served and moving you towards that end goal you have in mind.   It’s terrible to hit those points but they inevitably happen.

I realized the other day that I’ve officially been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years.  But I wouldn’t have made it that long if I didn’t have some cheerleaders helping me along the way.  These are the people or the person in your life who believe so passionately in you and what you’re capable of, that they prop you up when you’re feeling low, overwhelmed, or can’t seem to find your way past the latest challenge.

I’d encourage you, if you haven’t done so recently, to reach out to that person or those people and thank them for their support.  They may not be offering you financial or strategic advice in your business, but the emotional support they provide you with is as important as all of that (and perhaps even more important).  And if as you read today’s article you realize that you don’t have someone who fills this role for you, I’d encourage you to see if there is a friend, partner, or family member you can turn to.  Entrepreneurship is an incredible journey and what you learn along the way – both about business and about yourself – is exciting and humbling.  But that journey comes with so many highs and lows that it can be really beneficial to have someone in your life who supports your dreams and encourages you to move forward when things get tough.

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