March 31, 2016

C’mon Folks! – Social Media 101

Social-Networking-WebsitesA massive wind storm blew into Western Washington about two weeks ago.  If you don’t live here you may not be aware that on top of the rain that Seattle is famous for, we also get wind storms from time to time where the winds can easily top 50-60mph.  To give you an idea, it’s not uncommon for the local government to shut down some bridges when the wind gets bad enough!  

Not surprisingly, these windstorms also take out a lot of power in places as you might expect.  So it was in the midst of one of these wind storms that I ventured out to the grocery store because we were down to the bare bones in terms of food in the house to eat.   Knowing that the wind can throw lots of things into havoc, I checked online first to see if the store I was headed to was still open.  Not only did I check their website, but I also checked the store’s Facebook and Twitter pages too just to be safe.  Everything looked fine.

Until I showed up at the store and found out that they had lost power and were closed.  Totally understandable given the weather conditions but c’mon – isn’t this one of those basic times to use social media?  I might have been more understanding if this was a  mom and pop shop but the store I was stopping at was a national brand though I know that they have a local marketing team for the local social media pages.   Comparatively, the mom and pop shops near said grocery store had already gone online to alert their social media followers that they had to shut the doors due to the power outage.

We spend so much time and energy thinking about and trying to come up with new ways to engage with social media audiences that sometimes we forget the most obvious.  Social media is perhaps one of the best ways to quickly communicate news to our followers.  So when and if something happens to your business that is newsworthy, be it good news like an award won or bad news like you need to close early for the day, share it with them!

Since we had no food in the house do you want to know what we ended up doing for dinner?  We checked social media and found a mom and pop restaurant who indicated, via their posts, that they weren’t impacted by the power situation so we ordered take out from them!

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