April 14, 2016

A Financial Analyst Breaks One Of The Biggest Food Retailer Stories Of The Year

365_WFMStore_Logo_COLORThere’s been a lot of speculation around what Whole Foods Market’s new ‘365 by Whole Foods Market’ store format will look like in part because of the smaller store footprint and desire to actively attract Millennial shoppers.  Part of the interest, and speculation, around this new store format in particular is because there is a lot of talk in the industry about more and more supermarkets and mass stores following suit which has left food producers of all sizes wondering (and, understandably, worrying) about how that’s going to impact their distribution and associated revenue.  Since not much had leaked out about ‘365’ beyond a few nondescript press releases, it’s not all together surprising that the food business spectrum of the internet (which, admittedly, is a small niche) was all aflutter amidst news that a financial analyst has broken the biggest industry news story of the year.

As reported in Yahoo!, an analyst from RBC Capital Markets realized that information about the first 365 store, which is set to debut in Lake Oswego Oregon, must be included in building permits that are, technically, open to the public.  So he spent some time in the permitting office and came away with the scoop of the year which includes insights about how the company plans to use more automation in ordering and delivery, how much square footage is being devoted to perishable foods versus packaged foods, and even how many electric car charging stations are in the works.

Interested in what all the hubbub is about?  Check out the Yahoo! article by clicking here.

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