April 21, 2016

Increase Sales By Thinking In Terms Of ‘Share of Stomach’

platemoneyDepending on what you produce, there may be a seemingly logical fit for when in the day your product is eaten.  For example, you’re a food truck that is out and about during lunch – then your products are probably eaten for lunch.  Or maybe you’re a granola company, chances are most folks are eating your product for breakfast.   Chances are, you’ve focused most of your energy to date crafting a marketing message around that main eating opportunity.  One way to work towards increasing sales though is to stop thinking about the logical time/meal fits for your product and start thinking in terms of ‘share of stomach.’

As funny as the phrase itself sounds, ‘share of stomach’ actually means to take a look at how your product can be a larger player in your target consumers’ daily meal choices.   How can your products be enjoyed throughout the day in different scenarios?   Thinking through all the ways consumers may enjoy your product and then marketing to and/or educating consumers appropriately, could provide you with a lift in sales.   Let’s look at three examples:

  1. The aforementioned food truck: what about if in addition to the hot lunch options they also sold their legendary sauces on their truck which people could use for easy-to-make-at-home dinners.  Perhaps the food truck also packages up one or two snack items that could be purchased during the lunch time rush to be eaten later.
  2. That granola company from the first paragraph: who says that granola just has to be for breakfast.  Perhaps the owner should develop some recipes showcasing how the granola can be used to make easy and healthy snack bars or could be added to dinner recipes (granola-crusted tilapia anyone?).  These recipes could then be shared on the company website and via social media.
  3. A frozen empanada company: why not showcase through in-store demonstrations and/or in-store marketing how the empanadas can make a quick and delicious meal or snack by either dressing them up or pairing them with other items.  A black bean empanada topped with some sautéed cinnamon bananas could be just the break from the boring breakfast routine your customers are looking for!

Claiming more share of stomach definitely isn’t easy and it may take some creativity and an understanding of what your customers want and need, but when done right, it can be a boom to your bottom line and help keep your brand name front and center in your customers’ minds.

I’d love to hear if you’ve managed to get your product to break out of its ‘normal’ placement and grab a bigger share of your consumers’ stomachs.

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