June 6, 2016

Is Fear Of Failure Holding You Back? – Monthly Business Tip #23

I’ve had an idea about an expansion for this website that I’ve been working on, mulling over, and telling everyone I could in order to solicit feedback for the past 3 years.  But when the time came to start actually working on it I balked and it took me several days before I could even open the email from the web developer that outlined the project timeline and costs.  

One day, while that email was sitting unopened in my inbox, I walked past a neighbor’s house and for the first time noticed a small sign with this written on it and it made me pause:

Business tip small business


I realized in that moment, that my inaction was being driven by a fear that this project would fail.  Even though I’ve done everything I possibly can to prepare, there will never be 100% certainty.  But what I do know is that if I never try then I’ll never know how it could have turned out.

And so with that, I went home – took a deep breath – and signed the contract.

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