June 9, 2016

Is “Pay To Boost Post” Next Up For Instagram?

instagramAhh…well, to be honest, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, recently changed up their algorithm so as to show pictures based on their level of fan engagement rather than in strict chronological order.  This is a page from how Facebook already operates.  Well, a recent TechCrunch article shared that there may be more changes on on the horizon a la Facebook.

In a nutshell, coding gurus dug into Instagram’s updated algorithm and found in there the ability – should Instagram choose to ‘turn it on’ – to enable users to pay in order to boost their posts.  This is not exactly groundbreaking as it’s something that we small business owners have become familiar with on our Facebook business pages.

This is by no means a cry that Instagram is no longer small business friendly but instead, a reminder that when we market via social media platforms we do have to play by the rules of those platforms – and those rules keep changing.  If you choose to use social media as an aspect of your marketing strategy (and I firmly believe you should!), then you need to be prepared to be nimble and act and react as things change.

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