June 28, 2016

Taking Stock Halfway Through The Year

summervacationIt looks like the mid-point of the year is sneaking up on us this week as hard as that is to believe. Which makes this the perfect time to take stock of where your business is against the goals you set for it and what changes you may need to make.Doing this now gives you a chance to righten the rudder, so to speak, and make sure that you have your business sailing on course.

While I always recommend sitting down with the goals you outlined earlier this year and comparing your ‘now’ to where you want to be by the beginning of 2017, I think it’s also worth adding that sometimes…no, strike that, Oftentimes!….as an entrepreneur we’re going to find ourselves far off course. And that’s not always a bad thing.

Part of the benefit of being an entrepreneur is that you can more quickly react to changes that your business, your customers, your local economy, or any number of other factors throw in your way. You may have started this year thinking that you’d accomplish A, B, and C but along the way realized that X, Y, and Z were more beneficial to you. In that case, revise your goals and make sure you’re working in the right direction to get there.

Similarly though, as entrepreneurs we are constantly being pulled in a myriad of directions – not just in your business but also in your life. You may have family or friend commitments that have kept you from getting your business to where you think it should be by now. You may have had personal emergencies come up that have drained your mental, emotional, and physical energy and kept you from working as hard at your business as you would have liked. Or it simply could be that the day-to-day keeping your personal life running smoothly is taking more out of you then you originally thought it would.   Guess what, that’s ok too!

It doesn’t make sense to waste what little time you do have beating yourself up about what you haven’t achieved thus far this year. Instead, be proud of what you have accomplished and set a new course for your business and work towards that by year-end.

If it helps, by this point in the year I had fully anticipated that I’d be almost finished writing a new book. I’m about a chapter and a half in. But you know what, the extra time I’m taking is making this a really really good book and something I will be incredibly proud of when it is published (even if that may be 5 years from now J )

Care to share what you ‘haven’t’ achieved thus far that you thought you would have? What made you change course and how do you feel about it?

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