July 21, 2016

Now More Spreadsheets In The Food Product Cost & Pricing Tool

food business pricing spreadsheetWithout a doubt, the food product cost and pricing spreadsheet tool is the top downloaded item from this site.  However, many of you have told me that the 30 recipes it comes with is not enough for your food businesses.  I love when you share feedback with me because it helps me make changes that will, hopefully, benefit you and your businesses.  

I recently added a new food costing spreadsheet option which includes 50 recipes.  This currently only comes in US$ currency but if there is enough demand from other nationalities, I will be happy to add recipes to the EU, UK, and AUS versions as well.  As a reminder, the spreadsheet doesn’t actually do any currency conversion and the symbol is really there as a place holder so you can easily use another country’s currency spreadsheet.

If you’ve already purchased a spreadsheet that contains 30 recipes and you need more, email me at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com to see about having your spreadsheet tool upgraded.  It’s something I have to manually do and it may take me a few days to complete but am happy to make these adjustments for you if needed.

As always, thanks for your support and please don’t hesitate to let me know what else I can be doing/offering that will help you build your business and all of us build a stronger artisan food community.

Click here to access the Food Product Cost & Pricing Spreadsheet – 50 recipes version.

One comment on “Now More Spreadsheets In The Food Product Cost & Pricing Tool

  • Emmy Reimann on said:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I was trying to download the cost and pricing tool spreadsheet onto my pc and I can’t. There is no problem on my ipad though. But…does your program work on an ipad?