August 2, 2016

Make Your Life Easier By Cross Promoting Within Your Social Media Channels

Social-Networking-WebsitesI’m on a bit of a cross promotion kick lately (see this post from last week) but will fully admit that what I’m about to suggest is one of those things that we all ‘know’ we should do but…well, this tends to be one of the things that falls through the cracks.  So think of this article as a reminder for you (and for me too!).

You already know that every social media channel operates a little bit differently.  And you already know that you don’t need to be on every social media channel but need to focus your marketing energy in a way that makes sense for your business goals and are where your customers are spending their time.  However, that doesn’t mean you need to create unique content for each of those social media channels.  Who are we kidding – no entrepreneur has time for that!

Instead, look at the various social media channels you use and see how you can parley activity on one of those channels across the board to everything.  As an example, you can take a picture on Instagram and post it to your Facebook account as well.  Sure, that’s simple and easy to do.  But you can take it a step beyond – would that same photo make sense being on SnapChat or Twitter or perhaps add a fancy quote or simple recipe onto the picture and put it on Pinterest too?  If you’re posting info about your food truck location on Twitter, how else can you use that same content – perhaps take a 15 second video of setup at said location and post it to Instagram.  There’s a million way to skin this onion if you always look at every piece of content you create with an eye towards spinning it onto all of your social media channels.

Keep in mind that because every social media channel operates a little differently, I’m not advocating just cutting and pasting links from one to another (which you see happen a lot) but rather, think about how you can take that kernel you’re trying to convey in social media channel #1 and morph it so that it’s told in an engaging and appropriate manner for social media channel #2.  This may involve a little tweaking of the original message or in the delivery, but this is far simpler than facing each day and wondering what different things you’re going to be posting on all your social media channels.

As I said, I know that this isn’t new information for many of you but this is one of the easy marketing things that seems to fall apart when entrepreneurs get busy.  By carving out a little bit of time (trust me, I know how hard that can be) though, you can amplify your social media marketing across the board.

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