August 10, 2016

Instagram Introduces Business Accounts

instagramThis is the first in a two-part series about some very interesting changes coming to Instagram which could have a huge impact on if and how you use the tool in your business’ social media strategy.  First up, you can now set up business Instagram accounts and there are some distinct benefits for doing that:

Many of you already use Instagram for your business and while you may have a personal and a so-called ‘business’ account, they technically operate the same way in that you post pictures to the platform.  For businesses, the hope is that someone seeing those pictures will ultimately follow you back to your website and learn more about your company.  Instagram is making that last part of the equation easier.

As the company recently announced on their blog, with Instagram for Business you can set up a business account which will include critical contact information in your profile so that someone who views your photos can easily get in touch with you.  Best of all, if you’ve already worked hard to create a following for your ‘business’ account on Instagram, you don’t have to start all over as this new feature enables you to easily change your account from its current ‘personal’ status to a ‘business’ status without losing any followers.  Instead, you just gain benefits like the profile contact information mentioned above.

There’s a lot more than that though.  Many small businesses use Instagram but don’t really have a good sense of how what they’re posting is resonating with customers beyond how many ‘hearts’ or comments a certain picture received.  For business accounts, Instagram now offers behind-the-scenes statistics that will help you understand how your posts are performing so that you can change course as/if needed.  Like Facebook, Instagram is trying to move to more a pay-to-play platform so if in reviewing your statistics you find that one or more posts are resonating really well with your audience, Instagram business accounts can easily pay to promote that post to reach more people.

If you use Instagram for your business, or have been thinking about it, take a moment to read this short article on the Instagram blog about the features available and watch the 2 minute video that shows you what you need to do to make the change over.

Check back on Monday for Part 2 in this series about Instagram’s latest changes.