August 15, 2016

Instagram Introduces ‘Stories’

instagramIn a continuation from last week’s post about some of the changes on Instagram, today we’re talking about the new ‘Stories’ feature.  Many consider this to be a direct attack on SnapChat, which is rapidly gaining new users as that social media channel has a very successful feature which just so happens to be called ‘Stories.’   And just like SnapChat, with Instagram Stories you can now create mini photo vignettes of your day – adding as many photos as you’d like – to a Story.  You don’t have to worry about inundating your followers though because only those who choose to see your Stories will see those pictures and the photos disappear after 24 hours.  

Instagram also now allows you to add art and other creative elements to your Stories photos just like SnapChat does so that you can draw in arrows, hearts, or whatever else you desire to ‘spice up’ your photo and help tell your story.

Curious about how all this works?  You can learn more about the new features on Instagram’s blog.  And if you’d like to see a Story in action, the best I’ve found thus far is National Geographic’s Instagram account (@natgeo – though do note that you have to be a follower of the account before you can see their stories).   I will say, this could be a really interesting feature for food brands so if you put social media energy it Instagram, you should definitely check out this feature and see if it’s right for you.

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