August 17, 2016

90% of Consumers Read Labels

labelingIn AllRecipes’ recent Measuring Cup report, the company’s research found that 9 out of 10 consumers read product labels before purchasing a new product.Interestingly, their report also found that things like ‘no preservatives’ and ‘no additives’ ranked higher in importance than ‘local’ and ‘organic’ amongst both parents and non-parents.

This isn’t to say that those distinctions aren’t important.  37% of parents said that ‘organic’ is very important to them and, I’d argue, for food producers targeting children, it also depends what age group you’re targeting.  Having worked with baby food producers before, our customer research found that for baby food, the desire for organic products was significantly higher than 37% of parents and was a major decision driver.  So much of what you decide to put on your label or what certifications you choose to seek out is based on what you know about your target consumer and their wants/needs.

You can check out the complete AllRecipes Measure Cup report that focuses on grocery store purchases and purchasing decisions by clicking here.

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