August 19, 2016

P&G Says Targeted Facebook Ads Don’t Work

online advertisingIn a recent article published by, Procter & Gamble (P&G) indicated that they were cutting the number of targeted ads they run on Facebook because – in the words of the article – “the company decided the ads weren’t effective.”

That’s not a statement to take lightly.  Part of what draws advertisers of all sizes (and by the way, P&G has the distinction of having the world’s largest advertising budget) to Facebook advertising is the platform’s ability to deliver a highly targeted audience.  The belief has long been that the more targeted you can make your audience, the most that the ‘right’ people are seeing your message and thus the more effective your marketing.

But if P&G, with their powerhouse marketing team and millions of dollars spent in marketing research isn’t finding that to be true, that should be something to give us all pause.

Granted, each businesses products, goals, and audience are different.  However, if you are spending money on any type of ‘trackable’ marketing campaign, you need to carve out time (I know how hard that is) after the fact to revisit the campaign’s results to determine did that particular message and medium deliver the results you’d hoped for and, if not, what are you going to change/not change moving forward.

Marketing continues to be extremely fluid and just because something worked last week or last year doesn’t mean it’s going to work today or tomorrow.

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