September 8, 2016

The Race To The End Of The Year

business competitorsEvery year at this time, before the BBQ grills have even cooled down from the Labor Day picnics, my husband will turn to me and say “the race to the end of the year is on.”

What he means by that is that in his industry, where he is measured by how many deals he’s closed within the last 12 months, there is a real push to make sure that those that will close get closed before the new year roles around.

The same holds true for us food entrepreneurs too though.  Even though our industry may be different, our goal is to maximize our business throughout the remainder of the year.  This holds true whether the coming holiday season has a big impact on your business or not.  Basically, there is 4 more months to make 2016 the year you’d hoped it would be when you looked ahead way back in January.

Granted, there may be certain things that you simply can’t get to/get accomplished in the next four months liked you’d hoped to.  That happens to all of us.  When a deal gets hung up and doesn’t close for my husband as planned in one year he’ll always say “well, this has me off to a running start for next year.”   And again, different industry but the same holds true for us food entrepreneurs.  Maybe things took longer to get off the ground this year than you’d anticipated in which case push those revenue goals to next year.  Maybe you’ve been making inroads with some food buyers but they haven’t yet committed to carrying your product – well at least you’re in talks with them and start looking to see if there are ways that you can convince them to bring you in for next year.

So, the race is on…what are you working towards in the remainder of 2016?

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