September 27, 2016

What Do You Want Your Customer Experience To Be?

customer loyalty programWe entrepreneurs spend a lot of time thinking through the minutia of product flavors, packaging, pricing, marketing, and more.  But have you given though to what you want your customer experience to look like and determined how you’re going to do that?

Customers interact with your company via a myriad of ways. They might order from you online or meet you in person at a farmers’ market or event.  They may first find your website and then call you for a catering gig.  They may find your product on a store shelf even when you’re thousands of miles away.  They may reach out to you via social media  with a problem/question or decide to check and see if you have an Instagram account.

With so many touchpoints into your business, it’s crucial that you think through what you want the customer experience to be like anytime customer interfaces with your company/brand.  The first question then is to ask yourself how do you want a customer to feel after leaving any interaction with you?

Whether you come up with just a one word descriptor or a paragraph outlining what you’d like their experience to be, you then need to think through how that experience can be applied to all the customer touchpoints your business has.  How will that experience, that nets the consumer that desired feeling, change from when you’re interacting with the customer directly to when they’re reaching out on social media.  How will your brand message and customer experience carry over to someone checking out your Instagram account, for example?  What experience do you want someone to have if they’re right in front of you making a purchase versus buying from you online or picking up your product in a store?

This is often an overlooked piece of customer service.  We rush to try to solve problems for customers but if we do that without an idea of what we’re really trying to achieve, our message may fall flat which is the quickest way for a consumer to forget about you.

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