September 29, 2016

Sharing Employees With Other Food Entrepreneurs

Social-Networking-WebsitesThis is one of those ideas that came in from a reader that was too good not to share.  I’d been talking about cutting costs and ways to maximize efficiency when a reader suggested looking into how food producers could share employees – especially when working in a shared kitchen/incubator setting.

The benefit to this, as this reader aptly pointed out, is that for food producers who are just beginning to scale production, this is a way to get the extra help you need without necessarily hiring on a full-time staff which can be cost prohibitive for many.

From the employees standpoint, this provides them with the opportunity to work with a small startup but be confident that they’ll have the number of hours they need to make a living.

And, of course, if your employees feel more confident in their work and finances then the better chance that they’ll stick around longer in an industry that is notorious for turnover.

Ultimately, the happier your employees are the better and more efficient your business will run.

What do you think?  Do you share employees with other small food businesses?  Have you found it to be beneficial for your business?

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