October 6, 2016

Less Is More When It Comes To Ingredients In Consumers’ Minds

food alcohol pot marijuana ediblesThis likely doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but the data finally backs up what many have long thought – that consumers are paying more and more attention to ingredient lists.

The National Marketing Institute research found that 62% of shoppers now seek foods that are minimally processed and 53% opt for foods that have short and recognizable ingredient lists.  Consumers want to know what they’re eating and are willing to take the time to read packages or ask questions like never before.

This is causing a lot of big brands to have to reshuffle their products in an attempt to keep up with changing consumer tastes.  Most notably, last year Kraft Heinz took out artificial ingredients and dyes from the iconic ‘blue box’ mac and cheese that is a staple of so many American households.  Even companies like Costco have said that they’re working with their chicken suppliers to cut antibiotic use out of their rotisserie chickens.

Recently, more and more small brands have begun shouting from the rooftops that their products only have X ingredients in them to try to signal to consumers that they are better than competitors.

No matter what your products have in them, now is an interesting time in the food industry because the consumer is really driving this ship and not the big mass manufacturers.  Now it is the consumer who is demanding, via their wallets, that companies adhere to what’s important to the consumers rather than the other way around.

Which brings us back to, as always, how well do you know your consumers and their wants/needs?

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