October 13, 2016

What’s Your (Health) Backup Plan?

backing up your filesA few weeks ago I was having one of those stretches where everything seemed to be lining up just about perfectly work-wise.  I was working like a maniac and crossing stuff off my to-do list left and right.  I felt productive, I was productive, and I was getting things done.  Course, like any entrepreneur there was much more that had to be done but I felt that if I could keep up that steam then maybe – just maybe – I’d come out on top of the to-do heap.

Except there was this little cough that wouldn’t go away.  And, ok, so maybe I was a little more tired than normal.  But I had my to-do list and was focused on that above all else.  On Thursday night I carefully drafted out my next day’s to-do list and felt pride that I was so organized and was going to tackle all this the next day.

Except I didn’t have a great night’s sleep.  And by the time I woke up I was feeling a little less than perfect.  No worry though, I started in on my to-do list because, let’s be honest, when you run a small company there’s no one else who can step in and do what you need to do.

Finally at noon I decided to run over to an urgent care clinic and see if they might be able to help because, truthfully, I was feeling pretty lousy…and that cough, it just still hadn’t gone away.

Long story short, urgent care visit included me fainting when walking in and finding out that I had a doozy of a fever as well as pneumonia.

Lots and lots of folks get far sicker than I did but as an entrepreneur, the hard part was that it wasn’t just the productivity that I lost for the rest of that day but also how long it’s taken me to get back up to speed (you may have noticed a lack of social media posts the last few weeks – I just simply didn’t have the energy!).  Now that the pneumonia is thankfully under control, I find myself staring at a backlog of 2+ weeks worth of work that I simply couldn’t muster the energy to tackle.

This isn’t a woes-me post but is really meant to make you think about what happens when a nasty bug takes you down for a bit.  Will your business continue to function?  If so, how?  Are there some tasks that need to be done a regular basis regardless of how you feel and others that can be pushed off for a little while until you get your feet back under you?  Thinking through that now, while you have a clear head, can help prepare you to keep your business going if and when you face health struggles.

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