November 1, 2016

Amazon Looking To Step Further Into The Grocery Space

amazonEvery Tuesday around 5am I hear a familiar sound out on the street. It’s a big, green truck delivering groceries for a neighbor. While Amazon is making inroads with its Amazon Fresh program, the big online retailer is actually looking at how they can start making inroads to the brick-and-mortar space as well.  

I don’t typically just post links to other articles on this site but this one, published by, about Amazon’s plans in the near-term and how that may disrupt grocery shopping as we know it, is an interesting one.  I would encourage you to look at it through two lenses as you read it (it’s a quick read, I promise, I know you’re busy!).

First, as a potential customer, think through what you see as the benefits and/or drawbacks to what’s proposed.  It’s important for you to try to get into the mindset of the customer and try to understand if this is where grocery shopping is going so that you and your business can stay ahead of it.

Secondly, as a food business owner, begin to think about how you might need to change your marketing strategy, packaging, or other aspects of your business to compete in this space if a) you are interested in selling wholesale and b) you believe that Amazon Fresh may become a significant contender in the grocery industry.

While you may not need to make any changes today to your business, keeping an eye on these changes and thinking about where you may or may not want to take your own business in the future will help you stay more in the forefront of the changing face of grocery shopping rather than being left behind.

Never before has the food industry seen such rapid change and much of it is being driven by consumer demand.  We’ve got to stay on top of that if we want our businesses to remain relevant in the future!

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