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November 8, 2016

What Is The Future Of Edibles?

food alcohol pot marijuana ediblesI’m keeping this short and sweet today since many of you, in the US, will hopefully be headed to the polls today if you haven’t already voted.  While this election season has been nothing short of interesting, to say the least, one of the potential big winners that may come out of tonight’s results is edibles companies.

By edibles, I mean companies that produce food that is infused with cannabis.  These products are already legal in Colorado and Washington State, and are legal in some of the 25 states that issue medical marijuana cards.  However, in nine states voters are deciding on whether or not to allow for the recreational use of marijuana by all people of legal adult age.  If those ballot measures pass, this could be a boon for edibles producers and the beginning of a new, and potentially very lucrative, food market.

Like I said, keeping it short today but this will be just one of the interesting things to watch for as election results start rolling in later today.

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