Knowledge Pantry

November 16, 2016

Holiday Gift For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

flour sack entrepreneur towelIf you missed out last year on the ‘Recipe For Small Business Success’ flour sack kitchen towels, they’re back again for a limited run.

As some of you may remember, last year I offered up a small number of handcrafted ‘Recipe For Small Business Success’ flour sack kitchen towels.   They’re very tongue-in-cheek with ingredients such as 3/4 cup of creativity and a dash of resilience along with assembly instructions that include things like combining passion and ideas together to ferment and sprinkling preparedness with a bit of realism.  Anyone who has gone through the entrepreneurial journey – or who is thinking of starting their own business (food or otherwise) can certainly appreciate what’s called for in this recipe.

Best of all, these towels are also practical – they measure 34inches by 22inches and come pre-washed for you.

Based on last year’s success, I’ve printed another 500 towels and am expecting these will sell out quickly too given that at $11, they’re a gift you can grab for less than $20 even once you take shipping into account.

And in case you’re wondering, I won’t be bringing them back again next year.  This is a fun project but it definitely takes time to pull together and get the items shipped as promised and, as you well know, time is something that’s in short supply.  Just giving you a heads up in case you missed out last year or were on the fence of whether or not to get one (or more – get some for friends who have the entrepreneurial spirit!)

Because my online shopping cart is designed for downloadable items, and this is a physical product, I’ve set up an Etsy store through which you can order this item easily and without hassle.  But, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com.

Click here to view these towels on Etsy.

As an FYI, orders must be placed by December 20th with shipping via USPS Priority Mail for delivery by Christmas/Hanukkah (which both begin on Dec. 25th this year) for US addresses.