January 17, 2017

USDA Revises Rules Around “Best By” Label Information

fda food nutrition labelsWhile, outside of infant formula, ‘best by’ information on food labels is not required by the federal government, it is a way that many food producers use to alert consumers to when a product’s quality may begin to degrade.  If you’ve worked hard to win over a new customer, the last thing you want is for them to taste a product that is past its prime.  

In a report issued last month by the USDA, their recommendation is that companies use the language “Best If Used By” on food labels.  Since, to date, some companies use language such as ‘Best By’ and others use ‘Sell By,’ the USDA reported that the goal with this revised wording is to help clarify for consumers when a product is good or not to eat and, hopefully, help minimize food waste in this country.

To read the complete guidance issuance from the USDA, click here.

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